THE ARCHIVE: Sabbath Poster/Ticket ’70/’71

These belong to a friend/colleague who saw Sabbath twice in the early days. As far as he recalls, the Mayfair show at the Bullring was just after the release of Paranoid. As the poster says, this was just prior to a US tour that contributed to their continued rise to stardom. Apparently, they were on late as they had played somewhere else earlier in the night. When they came on he recalls they were the loudest thing he had ever heard. In fact the barman spent much of the first song catching glasses as they fell from the shelves behind the bar!

The ticket was from the Town Hall in the following January (’71). Notice after the US tour they had rose to a larger venue. He thought they were loud at the Mayfair. This time Iommi’s first lick felt like a hammer blow to the chest. I guess they could command even bigger amplification by then! Imagine!?!?

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