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The Project

Home of Metal’s exhibitions and events join the dots between music, social history, visual art and fan cultures to produce a new perspective on Heavy Metal. One that is celebratory, eschews notions of high/low art and joins audiences and performers together. Home of Metal is devoted to the music that was born in and around Birmingham. Music that turned up the volume, down-tuned guitars, and introduced a whole new meaning to the word ‘heavy’.

Sabbath albums as listening posts

“It’s an honour to be a part of the Home of Metal. I am just a guy from Birmingham who’s been blessed to have had such dedicated fans throughout my career. Like I’ve always said ‘I am nothing without them.” Ozzy Osbourne

After years of dreaming, planning, championing and charming, Capsule managed something quite extraordinary in the summer of 2011.  Music fans as well as gifted curators and producers, Capsule threw down the gauntlet to the region.  Where were the shrines to Heavy Metal? Loved the world over, Heavy Metal in its many forms had its roots in Birmingham, but you wouldn’t know to visit it.  Nary a plaque, tour or tourist tea towel marked one of the city’s most impactful cultural exports.  But Capsule changed all that with a huge season of exhibitions and events in 2011 that at last confirmed Birmingham’s place on the music map.

–  Over 200 000 people attended events and activities as part of Home of Metal in 2011
–  The total economic activity for Home of Metal is estimated at £2.69 million
–  The PR value was over £1 million
–  Home of Metal events and activities had visitors from countries such as USA, Australia, The Philippines, South Africa, Canada, Egypt, India, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.
–  At least 80 volunteers were engaged in the exhibitions and events of Home of Metal
–  35% of all visitors to the exhibitions were visiting to the museum/gallery for the first time 

And there’s still more to do.

After the success of the 2011 season we’re working hard to keep the celebrations going and gather even more memorabilia and stories that reflect just how well loved Heavy Metal is. Summer 2019 will see a large-scale and ambitious programme of events including a major exhibition at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

Birmingham deserves a permanent Heavy Metal visitor attraction; a space for fans from all over the world to play homage to Heavy Metal. This is our ambition.

Tony Iommi – Home of Metal Exhibition 2011

“I’m really proud to be a Brummie and to call Birmingham my home, that’s why I’m supporting the Home of Metal events and message. Your surroundings and experiences influence your music so it’s important for people to know where that music came from.”
Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath

Heavy Metal has made a lasting mark on music and popular culture. Unlike Liverpool and Manchester, Birmingham failed to celebrate its heritage and take up its rightful place in music history; Home of Metal is changing this.

Home of Metal is project created and produced by Capsule and is generously supported by Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, Laney Amplification