Process – Open days

Black Sabbath fan – Chris Hopkins photo by Katja Ogrin

The Home of Metal Open Days, think ‘Antiques Roadshow’ for Heavy Metal fans, invite fans to bring their memorabilia and stories and contribute to the ever-growing Home of Metal Digital Archive.

Capsule built on 13 years experience of developing audiences to develop a project that maintained the fans at the very core; informing the archive, events and collections on display. Key to Home of Metal’s success has been the authenticity of the project, coupled its inclusiveness.

Open day volunteers

Working with a team of volunteers to deliver these events, the Open Days informed the exciting series of exhibitions to come. These volunteers are made up of a wide range of people whose interest in the project stems from music, social history, regional pride and more. Capsule worked closely with a number of research volunteers from 2008 to 2011 to guide them in their research interests.

The Home of Metal digital archive is an opportunity for fans from all corners of the globe to share their passion for Heavy Metal music and contribute stories and memorabilia by uploading images, sound files and film footage.

Nicholas Bullen (originator of Napalm Death) at open day with early zines & photos & Sue Halford (Rob Halfords sister) with Judas Priest leather costume

Music fans are invited to contribute to the archive with Heavy Metal related wares, securing Birmingham and the Black Country’s identity as the Home of Metal.

The Home of Metal Digital Archive has developed as a unique resource and forum for music fans globally. The archive was officially launched in 2010 with an exciting event at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas with Lemmy from Motorhead, establishing the archive as an international resource.

The archive features artefacts and unseen memorabilia from fans, industry figures and musicians. Artefacts are given weight with audio material, such as exclusive interviews with Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne Judas Priest as well as fans describing their gig experiences and memories.