THE ARCHIVE: Walsall gig 13th May 1970

Obtained from Norman Hood. The only further information we have is that it wasn’t sold out. suggest that the support act was Slamhammer.

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2 comments on “Walsall gig 13th May 1970

  1. Norman Hoodsteve cowley

    The gig took place in the methodist church hall in ablewell street. It was moved from the venue in freer street as the church hall was bigger. They were LOUD , helped no doubt by the small venue. I remember it was the day before my school physics exam. Free had appeared a week or so earlier. After the Sabbath gig the Whisky Villa club was no more because the guy who ran it ran off with all the money. It cost two shillings to be a member.

  2. Norman HoodLloyd Hales

    This was my first Sabbath gig, I had a mate called Chris and he was doing a bit of roadying for the band and he came to me just before the start of the show and said he couldn’t get me a lift back into Brum with the band as there wasn’t any room left in the van,(wouldn’t that have been awsome), so I had to walk as the last bus had left by the end of the gig. It was worth it, you could touch the stage and so loud, I was hooked for life.They made it big after that of course and so did the venues, but there was something very special about that night and I shall never forget it.