THE ARCHIVE: Strange Conflict – Dennis Wheatley (1965)

Popular fiction during the 1960s included these gothic novels with black magic imagery. Geezer Butler, who would become the main lyricsist for Black Sabbath, was an avid reader of this type of fiction. As well as Dennis Wheatley he may have read other books about similar themes by authors such as Louis Huebner.

Dennis Wheatley’s novels transferred to the cinema screen with The Devil Rides Out becoming particularly popular.

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  1. Holmesofmetaljohn feury

    As a schoolboy’Strange Conflict was first the D.W. novel that got me hooked,from then on I was an avid reader/ fan. For me anything with Dennis Wheatley is unputdownable,… providing many hours of pleasure. To hell with the critics (pardon the pun ) He truly was a mastercraftsman. regards John