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THE ARCHIVE: Park Lane, Aston

The address of the Iommi family shop is well known. The area was extensively remodelled in the 1960s and 1970s. Its difficult to place the location now but it helps when you use a map!

Interesting to note that the shop is not listed under the name Iommi. The second sheet is from Kelly’s Directory 1966. The Map dates from 1949.

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6 comments on “Park Lane, Aston

  1. Rob HorrocksDeepinder

    Park Lane? I thought it was Park Lane or Park Rd (can’t remember) off Victoria Rd and Frederick Rd near Aston Park. Besides I cannot see the name Iommi.

  2. Rob Horrockschris sutton

    The shop is listed under Iommi but it is spelt completely wrong. It is number 67. Geezers house in 88 Victoria Road, Bill was 15 Witton Park Road. And Ozzy is 14 Lodge Road.

  3. Rob Horrockschris sutton

    The spelling problem is common in Kellys. I guess it is misheard. I also found out that Tony’s mothers name is different to what he says in his book.