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The Archive


Bill Ward’s silver ring with black stone

Bill Ward's silver ring with black stone. Given personally to me on the aftershow of the last December 1999 Birmingham Nec show ("Reunion Tour"). Im a professional Heavy Metal writer and photographer (since 1992), based in Buenos Aires, Argentina...


Judas world

This is a drawing that I made; it is a compilation of all the characters that appear in Judas Priest album covers. \m/


Judas Priest Mini room

I honestly did not know in which category I should put this, but I wanted to share with you this model of a 3D mini room that I made using the cover of all Judas Priest albums in different ways. There are poster, mini records, the pillow and the cover of the bed of the room; I also made a model doll of me wearing a British Steel shirt. There is also a Ram it down wall watch, and many other things in the room. Hope you like it. I made it about 2 years ago. \m/


Geezer Butler Artwork Signed

Artwork for Geezer Butler made by a friend and which I got to get Geezer sign in person backstage at London's Wembley Arena on 10/11/2007 after I was solely taken by the band management to Iommi's and Geezer's private bus.


Nic Bullen & Miles Ratledge

In 1980 the Birmingham Mail ran a story about the zine Nic and Miles made when they were 12 years old, Antisocial zine. This is the original photograph that was used with that story.

Geezer Butler Cartoon Artwork

I made this artwork for Geezer as his Christmas gift in 2010 , it was posted on his official website for a brief time along with one of his personal pictures cheering Aston Villa after The Carling cup final in 2010 and which Aston Villa lost to Manchester United 0-1. It jokingly has Geezer saying 'If It wasn't for booze, women and Black Sabbath, I would have been a player in Aston Villa.' !

Tony Iommi Cartoon Artwork # 2

I made this artwork in 2011 celebrating Iommi's forthcoming autobiography book entitled 'Iron man : My Life with Black Sabbath & Beyond'. The artwork simply presents Iommi's through different eras and decades with Sabbath , he is shown in the early days with his famous Gibson 'Monkey' SG , while the later years shown with his Jaydee 'Old Boy' custom guitar. If a high quality resolution of this artwork needed to any 'Home of Metal' project I will be more than pleased to send it over.