THE ARCHIVE: Cozy Powell Joins Led Zeppelin

Not long after John Bonhams Death there were many rumours in the press stating Cozy Powell was Joining Led Zeppelin, I think this boys night out in a Local Boozer may have been part of it, The Bloke who sent me these pictures said it was an Utter shock for several of the biggest names in rock popped into his local for a pint and a Fag, the only thing at hand for an autograph was the back of a beer mat. Amongst them was Page & Plant, Peter Grant, John Paul Jones, Cozy Powell and Gary Bardens. He said there may have been acouple of others but couldn’t remember. Cozy Powell had friends with Plant & Bonham since the 60’s, but I think the real reason for being there was to meet up with Gary Bardens the Singer in MSG (Michael Schenker Group) who he was just about to join. Although I reckon He would have done a good job for Zep!!!

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1 comment on “Cozy Powell Joins Led Zeppelin

  1. Andrew BelfortFM

    If just they could reverse time and made a album with Cozy.
    Cozys drumming style combined with Zep would be a very interesting album and a natural substitute for Bonham.
    Led Zep will never find together again Plant is more into his country music he produces today Laughs.