THE ARCHIVE: Laney Sound Systems Ltd Sales Day Book

This sales ledger belonged to Lydon Laney in the earliest days of his business.

We were only able to display one page in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery show but here you can see more.

The name Jim Simpson appears regularly. Jim was working with a number of Birmingham bands but we can assume that some of these entries relate to the purchase of amps and speakers for Black Sabbath. As you turn the pages it is almost possible to hear the band get louder and louder as they rapidly developed their sound. Also note the entry in which one T Butler spends £20.

Other names form the Birmingham Music Scene of the time appear regularly in this fascinating historical document. Music equipment retailers Ringway Music and George Clay Music were regular customers. There are several entries for Streetly Youth Club. During the 1960s the youth of Streetly enjoyed well amplified Saturday night discos in their Foley Road club. We know that the late Sir Jimmy Saville once did a gig there.

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