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THE ARCHIVE: Grapevine

Pages from Grapevine. This monthly publication detailed cultural happens in Birmingham. A listings magazine very much of the time. These pages are from both the early A5 version and later A4, more professionally printed editions. The listings sections have enabled us to compile a list of gigs that were advertised at various city centre venues around the early 1970s.

Here’s a list of gig at Henry’s Blueshouse (The Crown, Station Street) from the first issue until October 1972 when it became ‘Enery’s.

04/04/1971 Brewers Droop

06/04/1971 Titus Groan

11/04/1971 Gravy Train

13/04/1971 Clarice Hutchinson

18/04/1971 Tea and Symphony

20/04/1971 Duster Bennett

27/04/1971 Mogul Trash

09/05/1971 AS USUAL perhaps the magazine had not received listings that month?

11/05/1971 AS USUAL

16/05/1971 AS USUAL

18/05/1971 AS USUAL

23/05/1971 AS USUAL

25/05/1971 AS USUAL

30/05/1971 AS USUAL

01/06/1971 Trapeze

04/06/1971 Tea and Symphony Copper Tops, Worcester

06/06/1971 Karkorum

08/06/1971 Teat Brow & Pip Locto

11/06/1971 Trapeze Copper Tops, Worcester

13/06/1971 Tea and Symphony

15/06/1971 Idle Race

20/06/1971 Demon Fuzz

22/06/1971 Ginger

25/06/1971 Hook Foot Copper Tops, Worcester

27/06/1971 Da Da

29/06/1971 Philip Goodhead Tate

04/07/1971 Stack Eridge

06/07/1971 Hook Foot

11/07/1971 Thin Lizzie

13/07/1971 Champion Jack Dupree

18/07/1971 Anno Domini

20/07/1971 May Blitz

25/07/1971 The National Head Band

27/07/1971 Clouds

01/08/1971 Patto

08/08/1971 Alan Bown

10/08/1971 Gipsy

17/08/1971 Flying Hat Band

22/08/1971 Stack Eridge

24/08/1971 Trapeze

29/08/1971 Hook Foot

31/08/1971 Tea and Symphony

07/09/1971 Paul Brett’s Sage

12/09/1971 Stack Eridge

14/09/1971 Champion Jack Dupree

19/09/1971 Man

21/09/1971 Roger Ruskin Speco/Thunderclamp Newman

26/09/1971 James Litherlands Million

28/09/1971 Brewers Droop

05/10/1971 James Litherlands Million and Alexis Korner

10/10/1971 Open Road

12/10/1971 Gipsy

17/10/1971 Status Quo

19/10/1971 Beggars Opera

24/10/1971 Man

26/10/1971 King Biscuit Boy

31/10/1971 Alan Bown

02/11/1971 Pete Brown and Piblokto

07/11/1971 Writing on the Wall

09/11/1971 Duster Bennett

14/11/1971 Mark Almond

21/11/1971 Budgie

23/11/1971 Brewers Droop

28/11/1971 UFO

30/11/1971 Champion Jack Dupree

03/12/1971 Henry’s Music Machine Disco 20p in

05/12/1971 Gipsy listed as Enry’s

07/12/1971 Carol Grimes and Uncle Dog

10/12/1971 Henry’s Music Machine

12/12/1971 King Biscuit Boy

14/12/1971 Champion Jack Dupree

19/12/1971 Stack Eridge

21/12/1971 Tea and Symphony

26/12/1971 Henry’s All Star Boogie Band

28/12/1971 Brewers Droop

31/12/1971 Henry’s Music Machine

06/02/1972 Good Habit

13/02/1971 UFO

15/02/1971 Lightening Slim

20/02/1971 Idle Race

27/02/1972 Supertrap

01/02/1972 JB Hutton The Feb 1972 issue of Grapevine started a

Blues Page with round up and listings of the cities blues scene. The page fadeout after a while

02/02/1972 Eddie Burns/Lightening Slim/JB Hutton Advertised as Jam Session

05/03/1972 Jude

07/03/1972 Juke Box Bonner

12/03/1972 Third World War

19/03/1972 Gipsy

26/03/1972 Gnidrolog

04/04/1972 Brewers Droop

11/04/1972 Alex Harvey

18/04/1972 Duster Bennett

25/04/1972 Fly listing expands to” Fred the blearyeyed barman, Pete the record man and Jim who pays the bills”

02/05/1972 Armada

07/05/1972 Tea and Symphony

09/05/1972 Budgie

14/05/1972 Brave New World

16/05/1972 Thin Lizzy

21/05/1972 Malaka

23/05/1972 Jelly Bread

28/05/1972 Sweet Todd

30/05/1972 Capability Brown

29/05/1972 Gringo

06/06/1972 Gypsy

13/06/1972 Skid Row

20/06/1972 Trapeze

27/06/1972 Lee Riders

04/08/1972 Note informing that Henry’s disco is still running

03/10/1972 Budgie

15/10/1972 Necromandas Note reads as follows “Necromandas at ENERY’S which used to be called Henry’s until dazzling Lichfield impressario Norman waved his magic wand and lo and behold threw out the last lot and took over, more later” Pg 19,

October 1972 issue. Listings continue in subesquent issues.

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