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THE ARCHIVE: Goldflesh flyer

Godflesh flyer promoter: PNW presents Goldflesh with support from Cable Regime & Make Them Die Slowly at Birmingham University Student Union £2/2.50

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3 comments on “Goldflesh flyer

  1. Capsule CapsuleGrindi

    This gig is actually from the 80s. 1st December 1989, to be precise. Possibly the debut of Nick & John’s great but sadly short-lived combo MTDS. The University Cellar Bar was proper dark and a great dingy place for gigs. Sadly they redeveloped it a year later…

  2. Rob Horrocks Rob Horrocks

    Thanks for the info Grindi. I’ve updated the information. We love it when people tell us more about the items in the archive so don’t hold back on any details you wish to share about the other things/places/experiences on display that strike a chord for you.