THE ARCHIVE: Black Sabbath Bingley Hall, Jan 25 1981

The concert was just about to start, the beginning of the Mob Rules set on a very cold January Night.

The Hells Angels had made their way to the front of the concert in their usual manner, and the lights went down.

The dry ice fog descended on the over the stage and off into the front rows. Then in the dark the band made their way on to the stage to take up their positions. All was ready, the build up complete.

Then the drummer (I think it was Vinnie) came crashing through his drum kit clutching his arse and shouting something like ” oh my, that hurts a lot” or words to that effect. A roadie had put a block of dry ice on his drum seat by “accident”. Talk about an opening set, possibly the funniest beginning to a concert I have ever seen. Anyone else remember this?

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