THE ARCHIVE: Note from Robert Plant

‘To Mary,
Rock On
Robert Plant’

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  1. Keith Bracey Keith Bracey

    This item was scawled on a bit of paper for my then 8 year old wife Mary by Robert Plant on his return to the Black Country from a triumphant Led Zeppelin American tour whern they were at the height of their fame in 1971. It reads:

    To Mary, Rock On! Robert Plant

    The autograph is treasured by my wife as a piece of Led Zeppelin memorabilia, along with her ‘Acoustically Yours’ Zep EP and child’s Led Zeppelin t-shirt given to her by Robert Plant in 1971.

    The provenance of these 3 items is that Mary’s Dad George Sherwood is Stan Plant, Robert’s uncle’s best mate and when they used to knock around Dudley, Tipton and other parts of the Black Country in the early 1950’s when they were in their 20’s they used to look after Robert and wheel him around in his pram. George and Stan, who is an excellent artist, have remained firm friends from schooldays in the 1930’s till this day when they are both 81 and a little bad on their legs.