THE ARCHIVE : Judas Priest gothic font logo badge (1979)

This is a circular gothic font logo badge originally belonged to Steve’s older brother, who used to wear it around the time of the Evening Star tour (in support of the 5th JP album, Killing Machine, 1978). He later passed on the badge to Steve.This is one of Steve’s favourite badges because it’s one of the earliest ones he owns and he used to regularly wear it on his cut-off. He also likes the shine on it, but most of all it reminds him of the time his brother first turned him onto Priest with the first Judas Priest live album ‘Unleashed in the East’ (recorded live in Tokyo) which his brother owned. The first album Steve bought himself, however, was ‘British Steel’ (1980) which cost him 5 bob. Steve recalls that this was a lot of money back then for a school kid and so he had to work a paper round to help pay for his records.

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