THE ARCHIVE: Heavy Metal t shirt

Available on the June 1988 UK tour. Another Home of Metal website contributor, Ken TFL reports that the gig at Hammersmith Odeon was one of the best he has ever seen.

Here’s his account…

“In fact Judas Priest wrote a song celebrating metal’s roots on their 1988 album Ram It Down. The song Monsters of Rock opens with the line “It came out of the Black country…” and likens its rise out of the “concrete jungle” to an unstoppable monster. NOT one of their better songs (or albums) it has to be said, although I seem to remember scribbling some of the lyrics on a desk during a GCSE exam in the school sports hall back in the summer of ’88. Rich, Fran and I went off to the Hammersmith Odeon to watch Priest during our GCSEs (they both had a French exam the next day) and I still rate it as one of my best gig-going experiences. I’ll have a root around some time for some memorabilia but it may not be for a while as things are a bit hectic at the moment with the kids.

I could do you a longer version of the story of our awayday to the Hammy O some time, too.”

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