THE ARCHIVE: denim jacket with patches

This is the denim jacket I pretty much lived in between 1986 and 1989, when it got a bit too small. Most patches came from a stall at Basingstoke market.

At a time when most kids at school thought a grey patterned jumper or a Pringle was the height of cool, along with liking U2 and Level 42, wearing a jacket like this marked you out – but it also felt like a suit of armour against anyone throwing abuse. I particularly liked the Sabbath back patch as it used to make old ladies screw up their noses and tut.

I used to chop and change patches – the Aerosmith and G’n’R ones were pretty late additions. The only patch I’m sure came from a gig is the Maiden “Somewhere on Tour” patch on the back. Possibly the Sabbath “Seventh Star” one as well.

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