THE ARCHIVE: Black Sabbath Maryport Ticket

Ticket for a Gig that was cancelled, just as Sabbath hit the big time

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  1. Rob Horrocks Rob Horrocks

    Thanks Andy, is s superb. Can you tell us more about how you acquired this please? confirm that this gig was cancelled and list the band as being in Ashbury Park, New Jersey, USA on that night. Their support band is listed as Steel Mill – a band that included Bruce Springsteen.

  2. Andrew Belfort Andrew Belfort Uploader

    I have been buying and selling Rock memorabilia for years I bought this ticket from a lady who lived in Maryport, who at the time had a few of them for sale. She told me that before they became Black Sabbath (I think they were called Mythology back then) they toured the area regularly, playing school dances and local working men’s clubs. They would play a few shows and rebook the same venues for a few months later. Unfortunately for Maryport they just got too big and couldn’t turn down a US tour. So the gig never took place and tickets were printed in the hope they would do the gig. I wish I new more, but its a great little story.

  3. Rob Horrocks Rob Horrocks

    Thanks Andy,
    Mythology featured Bill and Tony and a couple of guys from Carlisle so the band played a fair few gigs in that part of the country. The friendships and connections Iommi and Ward made in Cumbria would seam to have endured the break up of Mythology so Earth/Sabbath visited the North regularly.

    Thanks again for uploading.