THE ARCHIVE: Big Bear Follies 02/03/1970

Pat was also responsible for the “liquid lightshow” on the night. A superb item, worthy of your votes (use the horns symbol top right). Oral history clip soon to be added. His wife designed the poster.

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1 comment on “Big Bear Follies 02/03/1970

  1. Bill Sneyd Bill Sneyd

    Superb! What a find! The entrance prices always make me smile when I see posters from this era. I mean, how much would you pay to see Sabbath now? Also, I don’t know if anyone else can see this, but as soon as I looked at the poster, I thought how much the the Black Sabbath logo reminded me of the logo on the ‘Live At Last’ album. That album being released 10 years later, in 1980.