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Home made Black Sabbath cross – made by a friend´s father ….

Killing Yourself To Die! Vol. 1 – 8 from 1985-87 …… 2 first from US fan baze – the rest from Danish fan baze

Ozzy Osbourne “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”

Back in 1975, as many of you Sabbath bootlegs family members know, Ozzy was invited by one of his closest friend Chris Sedgwick to sing backing vocals on a cover of the Animals hit song � “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”. This is maybe the .
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Original Tony Iommi 1975 (four hearts) Stage Shirt

Garment featured in the original 1975 Black Sabbath 'Sabotage Tour' program by Martyn Dean. Also featured on the official Black Sabbath Instagram page. Obtained from a relative of the band and in my private collection since 1980.


Levi’s 501s with patches

These were the jeans I'd always wear to gigs in Manchester in the mid/late 80s, and over time I added patches, bleach, safety pins, etc. Eventually, my mum complained about "the state of them!" and insisted I threw them out. I would go out wearing other jean,s with these jeans in a plastic bag, and would change into them on the train. There are four Black Sabbath patches, one Led Zeppelin, and one Kerrang. I added the beer towel to cover a massive hole I accidenally created with the over-enthusiastic use of bleach.


Black Sabbath Battle Jacket

I had this battle jacket for the last time i saw Sabbath on ‘The End’ tour. It was photographed at Planet Rockstock in 2017.


Rare Black Sabbath Ticket from The Marquee, London May 1970

How did I come by this priceless rare ticket? I went to a record fair at Birmingham NEC back in 1994 and bought a first pressing of Black Sabbath's first album for £25. When I got it home to examine it this ticket was inside the sleeve. How lucky am I?


Ticket stub for first concert in Georgia

This was Black Sabbaths first concert in Georgia. It was also my first concert, I was never quite the same.  After this, it’s like I heard everything with new ears. I was transformed.


Birmingham cathedral pick

Terry Whelty, Geezer Butler bass tech, gave this pick to me at the Global Black Sabbath Convention in Dudley the day before the final show.


Iommi Guitar Tribute

I grew up listening to Sabbath, and like so many other fans ended up playing the guitar. When I got my first job I knew that I had to get an SG, although a Gibson was far out of my reach. Through the ‘Buy and .
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