Jaz Singh – a better Sabbath

“With me, when I left school, I was quite a lonely little child, for me Sabbath were that sound where…everything that was in my head just got released…all that anger, the depression, the frustration – Sabbath was my release point …Tony Iommi’s riffs, the power that you get…it did something to me that can’t be described.”

Listen here to the concluding part from our Home of Metal oral history with Jaz Singh. In part 2, Jaz talks about his experiences of seeing the band live, the humbling meet and greet with Sabbath themselves and how the band have been a constant in his life through some dark times.

“We all go through torture, no matter who you are, or what status or position you are.”

A devout Sikh, he talks about turning his life around, coming out the other side of an alcohol dependancy, and his experience of Sabbath now, seeing them sober.

“How is it now it’s better? It’s better ‘cause I feel better and I can just appreciate it more.”

And the correlation he feels between his own trajectory and the bands.

“Now that I’ve sorted my life out and I’m alright now, maybe they thought ‘oh we’ll call it a day now, Jaz is alright!’”

If you want to listen in to the first part from Jaz, CLICK HERE – concluding part below. Stay tuned and follow our Soundcloud page for more of these wonderful life stories from Sabbath fans across the World in the coming weeks.