Home Of Metal Exhibition designer appointed

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We’re delighted to have appointed Studio Myerscough as the designers for the Home Of Metal exhibition at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery which will be taking place next summer. They were responsible for the Matthew Boulton show at BMAG, as well as having worked on a number of really high profile and exciting projects including being the design curator for Vintage At Goodwood and have worked with the Barbican, V&A and Tate to name but a few. Morag & Lukes‘ approach is absolutely inline with Home Of Metal, we can’t wait to see how their designs evolve over the next few months.

Don’t forget you can contribute to this exhibition by uploading your related Home Of Metal memorabilia to our archive which will help to inform the show. More details coming in the new year.

1 comment on “Home Of Metal Exhibition designer appointed

  1. lisa meyerSean

    Went today. I was looking forward to it. Really disappointed. Found the information basic, and frankly a search on google or YouTube could have given me more info. Quiet patronising. Putting a range of guitars and drum kit. I feel it played to a very stereo typical image of birmingham and it’s music. To make things worse, the power had gone in one area and no electrician available to sort it out. Basically a load of photo copies of flyers and some ledgers of what people were paid. Where is the interest in that. Missed a chance to celebrate studios like zella. Great brummie legends, like big Mick Lynch. Don’t waste your hard earned.

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