We want your Black Sabbath ticket stubbs!

As Black Sabbath continue their final run of UK dates, we’re on the lookout for scans and photos of your ticket stubbs for our archive.

Considering how long Black Sabbath have been around, and how far they’ve come on their journey, the difference between their concert tickets over the years speaks volumes. For instance, as the no-frills ticket above shows, you could have seen the band perform for a single pound back in 1973, or just £3.50 in 1980.


In the ’90s, the band’s ticket prices went up as they began to play much larger venues, and you can see this reflected in the more extravagant, coulourful tickets, especially for their festival appearances; check out these tickets for Italy’s Gods Of Metal in 1998, and MIlton Keynes’ Ozzfest in the same year.



The 2000’s saw even more extravagant tickets, with this 2002 Ozzfest one being a highlight…

As the band continue their final run of gigs, we’re eager to add your most recent ticket stubbs to the archive, along with any more vintage tickets we may have missed.

Of course, these tickets only tell a part of the story – if you have any photos of the band performing, the fans who helped make these gigs so special or even any stories of your own Black Sabbath experiences, we want to see/hear them!

Wondering how to upload your own stubbs? It’s simple; first of all, log in to our archive and hit the red ‘Add to the Archive!’ button at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can upload photos of your contributions, and be sure to upload with the Black Sabbath button ticked, as well as telling us what year they’re from and any other details you might want to include.

And that’s it! You can sit back in the warm glow that you’ve contributed to Home of Metal’s growing archive, and helped to celebrate one of Birmingham’s most important and cherished exports: metal.

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