Wolverhampton Art Gallery more installation snaps

Further to earlier installation pictures, Wolverhampton Art Gallery have just sent us a few more, including first pictures from the Damien Deroubaix and Nicholas Bullen commission.


Entrance to the exhibition


Two Ben Venom quilts and Red Skull by Jim Faure

French artist and Grindcore fanatic Damien Deroubaix and Napalm Death founder and sound artist Nicholas Bullen have been jointly commissioned to create a collaborative piece celebrating 30 years of Grindcore. After months of conversations, Deroubaix has been in Wolverhampton since Monday installing the commission with Bullen. These are the first pictures…


Damien Deroubiax installing at Wolverahmpton Art Gallery


Audio equipment as part of the Deroubiax/Bullen commission

You Should Be Living opens at Wolverhampton Art Gallery this Saturday 18 June. See event page for more information.

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  1. Richard Hawleymatt lay

    having been into the metal scene for as long as i can remember an worked in the meat trade in brimingham an spoken to old work mates of ozzy from the meat market ive heard many mad stories etc !!! im really looking forward to this exhibition !!

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