Treasures of Led

Here at Home of Metal we often find ourselves in the music section of the high street bookseller.

As and when we find a new title that will be of interest to website users we will bring it to your attention.


Chris Welch’s new book Treasures of Led Zeppelin is one such example. Here is the jacket blurb… “an unofficial publication, tells the story of the amazing journey of four talented young Englishmen on the path to rock ‘n’ roll glory. It is probably the greatest story of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll ever told…”


The USP is the repoduction memorabilia – flyers, tickets, posters stage passes etc. Our own archive is shaping up nicely with a bunch of new items added recently. We also go beyond the possibilities of traditional flat print representations of memorabilia with a few audio clips in which the people who have donated items tell us the story behind them.