The Relationship Agreement Movie Review

The relationship agreement revolves around a couple and the rules they set for each other in their relationship. It was directed by Meherzad Patel, and Chakravarti will be visible alongside Danesh Irani, Sajeel Parakh, Meher Acharia Dar and Darius Shroff. The show will take place on Valentine`s Day at Tata Theatre, ncpa, Nariman Point. The play has been performed in various locations in India and has received overwhelming resonance from the theatre community. His contemporary sounds, funny dialogues and impeccable timing of the performers were also praised by the media. Bombay Times summed up the play: “It`s a romantic relationship… in any case a must to observe.” The diary of the midday sheet gave a fiery critique on occupation and narrow direction. A couple withdraws a relationship contract to avoid exams and mistakes in a relationship. Things get even more complicated when their parents meet on social media and start dating. Will the young couple be able to respect the agreement? A humorous confrontation with modern relationships, the play is almost like a stand-up comedy – it`s fun.

If your partner disapproves of a set of rules, a list of likes, dislikes, things they allow, does your relationship make you better? Or worse? Let`s discover with an interesting story and in a much more humorous way than you can imagine. Social media has brought us immediate satisfaction —whether it`s shopping online or dating, we want everything with a single click and a wiper. The play is a new age comedy about a couple weaned on social media and developing a written relationship contract to save themselves from the usual trial and error arrangement, which is the norm. With the help of their respective parents, they reveal their hearts – good, bad, ugly – and discuss their preferences, dislikes and pet peeves. While at first the idea seemed wonderful, because it would pave the way for an informed and fluid relationship. However, during the plot, we find that it is not the best idea to live your relationship on the basis of a binding document. The theatre group organizes a digital festival on social media. . On the balance of work in different media, she says: “When you start with a brand new play, you have to spend a lot of time on it.

If you make a daily soap, then it is not possible to do both. I was free all the month of November and December [last year], so I agreed [to the theatre]. Now that the play is playing, I can do other work because I don`t need to rehearse every day. It`s a challenge, but you have to be tenacious. I can`t wait to celebrate Raksha Bandhan at home this year: Alisha Prajapati`s director, Meherzad Patel, uses his creative license to have fun with effrontery and weave contemporary references – pop culture, politics, news – into his dialogues. Sumona Chakravarti plays the obstinate friend of Danesh Iranis lover doting. Your chemistry will let you divide. Veteran Darius Shroff plays Danesh`s 60-year-old father, who makes a friend on Facebook with a lady (Meher Acharia Dar) who turns out to be Sumona Chakravarti`s mother. This complicated equation leads to a healthy dose of humor. Chetana`s iconic 1973 mareech Sangbad, which is to be released as a film after being broadcast on television, film and theatre, considers the Chakravarti Theatre to be the “most demanding of all”, but it is committed to it. She added: “The three media are so different.

In the theatre, you have to deliver the same line and every time you have to make it look like it`s your first. If there is monotony, the public will realize it. In addition, there are no repetitions. So you have to have a presence of mind, and things have to be in place. ” Rwitobroto, Shantilal, to perform in the next digital project of Abhrajit, I look forward to returning to the stage: Kaushambi Bhatt Ichheymoto Director Saurav Palodhi is recovering from COVID-19, asking people not to panic .