The Perfect Place To Take Your Dad For Father’s Day!

dads rock

WELL! The Home of Metal Exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery will opening on Saturday (!!) just in time for you to take your dads on Sunday for the best Father’s Day trip ever. Is your dad a fan of Black Sabbath? Judas Priest? Even if he says no, he’s probably lying. We know our exhibition will be a hit with the dads so why not treat yours to a trip down to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery this sunday?

We have on show unseen memorabilia sourced directly from the fans themselves placed alongside iconic items such as Black Sabbath’s Mob Rules stage cross, original Judas Priest costumes and handwritten Napalm Death Lyrics. If that’s NOT enough to wet your dad’s appetite, how about the side of the exhibition that explores the ingredients that together made Heavy Metal, offering an insight into the region’s industrial history, the early blues-rock sound, the changing music industry, DIY politics as well as Heavy Metal’s global impact??


We know you want to come now. See you there!!