The Crew




Produced by Capsule

Identifying a gap, Jenny Moore and Lisa Meyer formed Capsule in 1999 to produce live events and exhibitions for adventurous audiences in Birmingham, showcasing both international touring artists and homegrown talent. Since then, Capsule have gained a reputation as a dynamic and innovative arts producer with an eye for emerging talent  Follow Capsule on Twitter



The Home of Metal project team has expanded and contracted over the years, below are some of the people who have made the project so successful:

Phoebe Jeebe, Beth Hogan, Richard Hawley, Rob Horrocks,Susan McNally, Nicola Shipley, Anne Marie Pope, Debbie Kermode, Alex Jones.



A wonderful and dedicated team from all corners of the region and further a field
Antonia Grousdanidou, Bill Sneyd, Carly Tutt, Clare McFarland, Duncan Wilkins, Jack Briggs, Jenna Jones, Jim Brindley, Juan Rae, Kate O’Connor, Katherine Godfrey, Katie O’Neill, Katja Orgin, Nadine Kubalek, Magda Neito, Najma Hussain, Nicki Sunn, Phil Jones, Rob Horrocks, Robert Scott, Sanjit Basra, Shaun Seely, Simon Hope, Sophie Kuzyk, Victoria Holt, William Davy, Sarah Cochrane, Thomas Patrick, Thomas Jeavons, Kerri O’Shea, Khaludan Nabi, Adrian Crossen, Theresa Ballio, Michael Farrio, Bekkie Clark, Marie Fowler, Cat Stock, Gush Sohal, Caroline Gillett, Kate Fitzgeorge.


Words & pictures

Website design & build – TAK!

Home Of Metal logo – Heavy Object

Additional design – Ben Javens

Band text – John Doran + Duncan Wilkson

Photography of fans – Steve Gerrard

Film crew – Ella Turner,  Matt Taylor, Martin Poyntz- Roberts



Martin Popoff, Doug Roemer, Richard Short, Midge, Andreas Christensson, Aye Jay, Bunny Francessa Williams, Roger Shannon & Jonnie Turpie.


With extra special thanks to

Anne-Marie Pope (now travelling the world), Debbie Kemrode, Beth Hogan, Phoebe Jeebe, Richard Hawley, Katherine Godfrey, Magda Nieto, Kate Pryor-Williams and team at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Ioannis Ioannou and team at The New Art Gallery Walsall, Toby Watley and team at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Berni Good, Lisa Bardsley, Johnny Doom and team at Kerrang! Radio, Noel Dunne, Julie Weir, Digby Pearson, David Rowan, Pete Ashton, Izzy Mohammed (Birmingham Central Library), Annie and team at Creative Alliance, Chris & Will at Fly53