I am born & bred in Birmingham and the Metal took hold at an early age. What do my parents do but move us to Herefordshire. “Mob Rules”- fantastic album and my first chance to see Sabbath live.

So I’ve got the tickets I have the transport in place from Hereford to Stafford.

But then….SNOW- tons of the stuff!

And in Herefordshire that means EVERY road is closed.

And it’s 1982 so snow ploughs and councils response was even worse (if possible) back then.

Being still a tender 14 year old what does my mother do- she rings up Bingley Hall and asks them to postpone the concert on my behalf until the snow clears.

“A week or so should do it. Would Mr Black Sabbath mind coming back then. What do you mean other people can make it. Well all the people in Herefordshire can’t. Not many from here…oh. Well I still think you cannot proceed as it is not our fault it has snowed here!”

How’s that for a METAL MOTHER! Long Live Sabbath!

I still have the ticket! 9/1/82.

Suffice to say I didn’t get to see the gig and Motley Crue need my mother on their payroll to help explain any future cancellations on their behalf!

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