THE ARCHIVE: Rob Halford and Black & Silver Leather Jacket

Black & Red and Black & Silver Leather Jackets.

These were made by Ray Brown –

Ray Brown specialises in making bespoke items of clothing, mainly used on stage to perform in. In the 80’s, Ray made clothes for many bands including Motley Crue and Bon Jovi.

Rob wore these 2 jackets during the ‘Turbo’ album era. This will have been 1985/86 These 2 were also worn for the ‘Locked In’ and ‘Turbo Lover’ promo videos.

The tour for this album was the ‘Fuel For Life’ tour. A photo of Rob wearing the black/red jacket live on stage can be viewed at ––2-high.jpg

This photo will probably have been taken at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, 27 June 1986.

Another photo of the same jacket can be viewed at –

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