THE ARCHIVE: Photograph of Judas Priest as a fourpiece

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3 comments on “Photograph of Judas Priest as a fourpiece

  1. Steve GrennanMark Rumble

    fantastic photos of early Judas priest but I should correct you on the year. They are not from 1968 as they show Rob Halford fronting the band. He didn’t join until 1971 and so are from somewhere after that but before second guitarist Glenn Tipton joined in 1973.

  2. Rob Horrocks Rob Horrocks

    Thanks Mark,
    We are always keen to hear similar comments.
    Yes, these photos are superb because they show what the band looked like before Glenn joined and that Halford was up for pulling rock moves right from the off. When i first heard about them, “colour snaps of Preist as a four piece” i assumed they were from the Al Atkins days. I could hardly believe it when i saw them and there was no doubt who the singer was. We are very lucky to have them online and are delighted that they are included in the BMAG exhibition.