THE ARCHIVE: Mothers is where it’s at – Disc & Music Echo article

Elsewhere on this site we have posted a photocopy of this highly complimentary article. Now you can see it in all its 41 year old glory.

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  1. Keith Bracey Keith Bracey

    Brilliant Brummie music venue where Zep and The Floyd cut their teeth in Birmingham over 40 years ago to prepare themselves for ‘World Domination’ of Rock, with Led Zeppelin last year voted ‘The Best Rock Band in the World’ ever by that august British institution the BBC or ‘Auntie’ as Kenny Everett called them. We should be proud in Birmingham and The Black Country that our heavy, driving music, imitating the presses in the factories of the industrial West Midlands in the 1960’s when Birmingham was the ‘City of a 1000 Trades’ and ‘The Workshop of the World’ Brummies and Yam Yams be very, very proud…. as we celebrate ‘The Home of Metal’- the West Midlands.