THE ARCHIVE: Judas Priest Revolution promo single signed by Mark Wilkinson (2005)

Mark Wilkinson signed promo Revolution single (2005)

This 7” picture disc is a promo only DJ copy of the Judas Priest single ‘Revolution’ which was rleased off the Angel of Retribution album from 2005. The A side is ‘Revolution (Radio Edit) and the B side is ‘The Hellion/Electric Eye (Live Version). The illustrator, Mark Wilkinson, who has created much of Judas Priest’s artwork (including the artwork on this picture disc) has signed the front top left hand corner for Steve. Steve and Mark would later work together on the singles boxset ‘Single Cuts’ (available for view on the archive).Revolution was Priest’s first single since 1992’s Night Crawler to enter in the United States charts where it reached #23 in the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

According to the producer Roy Z:”The bass intro to ‘Revolution’ is actually from a cassette tape the band recorded back in the 1970s. We loaded the riff into Pro Tools and built the rest of the song around it. We went for a raw, modern ’70s vibe. It is a wide-open rock and roll song.”

K.K. Downing said yet that: “I’m proud of the fact that we really worked hard. The album cover, the message about peoples’ perceptions of rock and metal – ‘Revolution’ with Rob singing, ‘Time to change’ on the outro – youngsters with aspirations to pick up a guitar, they’re listening to the radio thinking, ‘Well, that is what I need to be doing…”

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