THE ARCHIVE: Gig ticket and coach ticket – Ozzy Osbourne at Hammersmith Odeon

This would have been on the tour promoting No Rest for the Wicked. I can’t really remember much about this gig, except that it took ages to get a pint at the bar and the support band U.D.O. was the solo project of Udo Dirkschneider, the pint-sized lead singer of German band Accept who at the time looked (and sounded) like heavy metal’s answer to Joe Pesci.

Apparently Geezer Butler played bass for Ozzy on this tour but I can’t remember. It was a good gig but 21 years on, not too much stands out in my memory.

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2 comments on “Gig ticket and coach ticket – Ozzy Osbourne at Hammersmith Odeon

  1. Ken McCormickRuss

    Short bits of this concert can be seen (if you’re quick and eagle eyed!) on the ‘Don’t blame me’ dvd. I remember Ozzy bringing a then, very small, Jack Osbourne on stage. I remeber it being a pretty good show by Ozzy standards, but I’ve seen him better, notably the short warm-up tour he did prior to this where he introduced us to his new guitarist (Zak) and played a couple of new numbers from No Rest. Geezer was playing bass on that tour and this one.

  2. Ken McCormick alister gordon

    I remember that tour, i saw ozzy at kentish town with jagged edge as support, first time i saw ozzy solo then, as i seen sabbath with tony martin on vocals at hammersmith odeon 88 i think before and later dio in 90/91, finaly seen ozzy in black sabbath in 1999 london which i have uploaded ticket. alister.