THE ARCHIVE: Brum Beat Magazine – signed by Geezer Butler in July 1993

Birmingham Brum Beat magazine signed by Geezer Butler in 1993 as he was leaving Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham City Centre.

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2 comments on “Brum Beat Magazine – signed by Geezer Butler in July 1993

  1. Bill Sneyd Bill Sneyd

    Nice one! Geezer Butler – the real unsung hero of Sabbath. Okay, daft question time: is Brum Beat still about? I used to pick it up whenever I could, usually from Robannas rehearsal studio in Cliveland Street, just outside the city centre. We’re talking early to mid 90’s here. It was a really good read and the essential bible for music, both live and recorded in the Birmingham area.

  2. chris hopkins chris hopkins Uploader

    Pretty sure it isn’t published anymore….i haven’t seen it around for ages.
    Jim Simpson,Sabbath’s 1st manager originally published it for the first 100 issues or so…i’ve kept a few issues for posterity….Geezer signed it off with ‘Best Witches’ which is pretty cool….lol.