THE ARCHIVE: Black Sabbath @ Mothers, 11th march 1970

These adverts appeared on page 2 along with cinema and other music/entertainments listings. We obtained them from microfilm readers at Birmingham Central Library so its difficult to establish their exact size – they were certainly smaller than a match box.

Its a shame they are so difficult to read. The language is very mcuh of the time: “Head sounds by Hairy Rod, poster stall conducted by Fancied Fred”. Another top weekend at the club with Humble Pie advertised on the Saturday and Pink Floyd on the Sunday. Small Faces fans will be interested to hear that in the same issue of the paper The Small Faces are billed as appearing at The Belfy, Nr Sutton Coldfield on the same Saturday as the Humble Pie gig. We can assume that Steve Marriott and his former colleagues did not meet for a cordinal late night drink at a Birmingham hotel after thier shows – or maybe you know different?

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