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Tony Iommi custom Jaydee SG 1981

This beautiful custom SG was built for Tony Iommi by Birmingham world class guitar luthier John Diggins in 1981 , it was used by Black Sabbath's classic album 'The Mob Rules' and was Tony's 2nd main guitar on tour throughout the 80's.This Guitar could currently be viewed at Hard Rock Bucharest .


School Photograph circa 1984

This is a school picture of me and my brother from about 1984. Just visible is my Black Sabbath T-shirt and his AC/DC one. Though I was only 9 at the time I can clearly remember asking to be bought the T-shirts while we were on holiday in Blackpool, or was that Bridlington? At that time I don't think either of us particularly owned or listened to our own music and I'm pretty sure we didn't know who Sabbath or AC/DC were so the only explanation I have for wanting those shirts was because they looked cool! Mine had a picture of the grim reaper on the front and his a man being electrocuted. 26 years later though and I can honestly say I love Sabbath and can't think of a cooler picture of me as a kid...well there is that one of us in Scarborough standing with Darth Vader.

Tony Iommi Custom Jaydee Guitar

Built around Black Sabbath's 'Born Again' , here is another awesome Tony Iommi Jaydee custom guitar built by no other than Birmingham's guitar lutheir John Diggins , this guitar was used extensively in the 80's by Tony Iommi and more specifically on Black Sabbath albums such as Seventh Star, Headless Cross, Tyr and also Dehumanzier album in the early 90's , it was also used on stage during that time frame as well , the guitar could also bee seen on Sabbath music videos 'Trashed' and 'Zero the Hero'.The guitar is currently at Hard Rock Cafe San Diego.


Black Sabbath Ticket New Bingley Hall

Acquired from Simon & Jo Baugh Age 44/42 Sunday 4th January 1981 Black Sabbath - New Bingley Hall Stafford £4.50 "Went to Stafford Bingley Hall with friends and a teacher from school to see 'Sabbath' - a live show that was exactly what you expected."


Black Sabbath Ticket 1989

Acquired from Mark Parrish Ozzy Osbourne Ticket 'No Rest For The Wicked' Tour Support U.D.O NEC Birmingham 3/05/1989


Black Sabbath 1982 tour t-shirt

Mob Rules 1982 tour t-shirt. Obtained from a Nottingham shop keeper in exchange for some Sabbath/Ozzy collectables. originaly brought at the 1982 Bingley Hall gig on the Mob Rules tour.

Black Sabbath scrapbook

Ongoing scrapbook dedicated to Black Sabbath including live photos, press clippings, set lists, tickets.

Gig list

A list of every Black Sabath gig I have attended