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Black Sabbath poster

Cathy Myhill (pictured with her husband Pat) designed the poster for a Black Sabbath gig on 2nd March 1970 at Birmingham College of Art and Commerce (as it was then known), which they are holding. Pat booked the gig in his capacity as social secretary .
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Wall Of Sabbath

Note: Sabotage T-shirt made into de facto poster because it wouldn't fit around the old beergut. Paranoid inner sleeve is of the mini LP replica CD's series from Sanctuary/Castle, it was the first Black Sabbath album I ever bought back in 2002 when I was 17, it got so worn out over the years from playing it all the time that Hand Of Doom wouldn't play right anymore, hence it's on the Wall now. I began this collection back in 2008 with the Revolution In Their Minds poster and finished it up roughly around March this year with the two flags on the left.


Eternal Idol solitary UK gig poster,1987

Managed to get this off some railings outside the Hammy. Phoned on and off days before the gig to check it was still on. Never got an answer, so just went for it. Gutted when turning a corner to see 'BLACK SABBATH CANCELLED' ! Hey ho...