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Amebix + Napalm flyer

Flyer for: Amebix + Napalm Death Deviated Instinct Anorexia In Coventry Saturday October 11th 1986 cost: £1.75 Promoter: Daz

First Stenchcore Festival flyer

1st Stenchcore flyer Line up: Chaos UK Extreme Noise Napalm Death Ripcord Hell Bastard Deviated Instinct venue: Mermaid, Stratford Road, Birmngham Cost: £1.50 Promoter: Daz


Napalm Death gig handout

Napalm Death, along with a lot of their peers would often create handouts to give to members of the audience at gigs. This handout was for a 1982 gig, it contains a biography and lyrics.


Napalm Death gig handout

Napalm Death gig handout - with info on Twisted Nervous Breakdown, the tape label of Miles Ratledge. The band 'Bible of Sins' gave Napalm Death their first two gigs.

Amebix + Napalm Death gig flyer

Flyer for Amebix + Napalm Death gig at Hand + Heart, Coventry. The flyer was designed by Mid from Deviated Instinct who also played at this show. Mid later went on to design Napalm Death cover art in 1990s.

Concrete Sox + Napalm Death flyer

Line up: Concrete Sox Head Of David Napalm Death Fall Of Because Venue: The Mermaid . Stratford Road . Birmingham Date: Saturday 26th of April Cost : £1.50 Promoter: Money for a PA Presents