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Black Sabbath 1982 tour t-shirt

Mob Rules 1982 tour t-shirt. Obtained from a Nottingham shop keeper in exchange for some Sabbath/Ozzy collectables. originaly brought at the 1982 Bingley Hall gig on the Mob Rules tour.


Born Again tshirt

The tour went from August 1983 when it kicked off with dates at Birmingham NEC until March 1984. Support bands included Diamond Head.


School Photograph circa 1984

This is a school picture of me and my brother from about 1984. Just visible is my Black Sabbath T-shirt and his AC/DC one. Though I was only 9 at the time I can clearly remember asking to be bought the T-shirts while we were on holiday in Blackpool, or was that Bridlington? At that time I don't think either of us particularly owned or listened to our own music and I'm pretty sure we didn't know who Sabbath or AC/DC were so the only explanation I have for wanting those shirts was because they looked cool! Mine had a picture of the grim reaper on the front and his a man being electrocuted. 26 years later though and I can honestly say I love Sabbath and can't think of a cooler picture of me as a kid...well there is that one of us in Scarborough standing with Darth Vader.


Heaven & Hell tshirt

Heaven & Hell tour tshirt. The tour stretched from April 1980 well into 1981.