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Rosita Piergiorgi – Keeping Tony’s Legacy banner high!

Lifelong fan of Black Sabbath and in particular, Tony Iommi – Rosita Piergiorgi talks of here of her early beginnings with band.

“My first album which i bought with my own first earned money was The Eternal Idol. It was on a little cassette, I brought it home and really destroyed it listening.”

And her first discoveries of this exciting Global network of Metal fans.

“Then we started a community with other fans, we found other people who were interested – it was very nice to share our information, our passion.”

She recalls a particularly special moment at one of the shows, on the front row and a special bit of memorabilia she obtained!

Holding the banner high for our Black Sabbath guitar hero and all round great guy, Rosita is admin on many fan sites including http://www.tonyiommifantastic.com/ – follow Rosita’s story by staying tuned to our weekly Oral History releases. Part 2’s and more coming soon!