Rosita Piergiorgi – a tribute to Tony

“I was in emotional shock…he was so great, so kind, it was like when you meet someone who is you’re dad or something…Tony is so magnetic…he has this fantastic aura around him”

Listen in to part 2 from lifelong Iommi fan – Rosita Piergiorgi – dedicated to keeping Tony’s legacy banner lifted high. Here she speaks of the first time she met Tony and how, overwhelmed by his kindness, she decided to do something in return for the musician who had given her so much.

“With the friends in our community, we had this fantastic opportunity to have many musicians…Black Sabbath tribute bands and many other bands who are influenced by Sabbath…I contacted them, we had a team of friends, and we decided to start a tribute album, and we really did this…it was released 2 years ago and Tony loved it!”

In part 2 of her story, Rosita demonstrates beautifully the wonderful connections created by the power of music and as a result, the love returned to it by fans across the world.