Roommate Rental Agreement Alberta

8 D. Smoking: the rules of smoking in house E declare alcohol: rules for drinking alcohol F. Drugs: The use of illicit drugs in the house is prohibited. G. Pets: Explain the rules for pets H. Others: 12. Unresolved problems A. In the event of a problem that is not dealt with directly by this agreement, the roommates decide to schedule a home meeting to resolve the problem. All roommates should be prepared to work together and discuss the issue fairly. B. If the roommates are unable to resolve the problem, the concern may be brought to the attention of the lessor or an alternative dispute resolution service, depending on the circumstances.

n NOTE: You should consider discussing with your roommates how you will handle all disputes, and add in a term that you can all accept. For example, if you and your roommates decide that you all agree to participate in mediation, if there is a dispute that you cannot resolve alone, you can include a clause in the space mentioned above, which states that if the roommates cannot resolve the problem, all roommates must attend a mediation meeting within an agreed time from the date of the meeting. Colocs Signature Name Date Coloc Signature Name Signature Date Coloc Signature Name Date – The roommate agreement is provided only for informational purposes and nothing in the roommate agreement provides legal advice. The content is provided as an information service and should not be used for legal decision-making. The use of the Roommate arrangement does not in any way create a type of agreement or contract with the author. The Roommate Agreement model was developed in Alberta, Canada. The Roommate agreement contains the laws of Alberta. The laws in your jurisdiction may be different. You should speak to a lawyer if you have questions about landlords and tenants` rights in your area of expertise and if you receive legal advice.

Model roommate arrangement February 2011 page 8 NEW What can I do if I have a problem with my roommate? Sharing housing can be a convenient way to save money by reducing costs.