RARE – Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At The Moon Doll




We can’t contain our excitement at this one! Mark Barker from Edgbaston brought in this incredible piece of Ozzy Osbourne memorabilia to our Open Day at The Public on March 26th.

This figure is approximately 18″ tall. Sculpted by Paul Komoda and Jose Rodriguez based on the make-up and special effects of Greg Cannom. Designed in conjunction with Art Asylum. The doll was released in 1999 by Fun 4 All Collectibles.

The figure plays a remix of “Bark At The Moon.” Released by Ozzy Osbourne in 1983, the original dynamic album rocked the world and hit double platinum sales.

The item will be on display as part of our summer season of exhibitions. We will let you know when and where closer to the dates! Watch this space for another incredible addition from Mark…

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