Home of Metal x Ideal long sleeve T black


We’re super excited to launch a brand new collaboration between Home of Metal and our long time friends Ideal,  a Skater owned store that has been supporting Birmingham skateboarding since 1991.

Very good quality long-sleeve T with a back print, sleeve print and logo on the front.

Together we’ve commissioned the artist and illustrator French to spawn a limited edition series of new merch for us. These are perfect for skaters, metal fans and lovers of all things sinister and dark.

“Metal has influenced my artwork through out my life, since the first time I heard Judas Priest & Sabbath on the ‘Metal Killers Kollection’ I bought on tape from a car boot and then Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower and Doom when I heard them at my brothers friends house. The minute I heard ‘From Enslavement to Obliteration’ it was on !! The need to find something heavier.

The artwork for HOM & Idea is like a weird mind puzzle / quiz made up of things I related to as being metal. Like the brick on a string from the story of the first time Tony met Ozzy, the Plasma Canon from Realm Of Chaos, the cassette for tape trading, the police mans helmet has wings to bring together the copper from Doom’s ‘Police Bastard’ and the wings on the front of Napalm Deaths Scum, I can go on but its better if people work out what the rest relates to.” FRENCH


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