Fear No Evil – A3 Print by French


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Home of Metal are thrilled to be collaborating with our friends The Framers and Ideal Skate store to present a Supersonic Festival new work by Artist, Illustrator and skateboarder French .

Richard “French” Sayer  is an Artist, Illustrator & Art Director. Creating artwork, illustration, graphics, design & art direction for the Music industry, Advertising, Print, Fashion, Publishing and mostly for the Skateboard industry. French exhibits continuously world wide in both group and solo exhibitions. 

French’s latest works are referential of a specifically 1970’s ‘medieval space age’ impression upon illustration. Creating incarnations in an ode to the objects one might want to decorate their bedroom or jacket with when they were fifteen. Dragons, castles, knights, skeletons, impending Nuclear doom, swords, axes, chains, motorcycles ridden by reapers all face off in French’s illustrated universe resulting in a body of work demonstrating his unique understanding of the illustrated form. Bright neons and day glow paint punctuate and shape French’s distinctive illustration style. Conjuring imagery of a ghoulish fantasy realm, not too dissimilar from a roll the dice styled board game or fantasy metal record covers mixed with some type of charity shop knightmare. 


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