Player Parent Agreement Baseball

Players and parents should be aware that state law prohibits the delivery, delivery or administration of an anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroids are only for medical use, and only a doctor can prescribe the use. Players who are caught with steroids while under contract with the Baseball Nation/TCA will be suspended indefinitely and no refund will be granted. Below is a contract that I rewrite from all parents when they join the team. Please understand that this is how it is, that there are clear expectations for everyone – players and coaches will also have their own contracts. Through a written contract, parents are then aware of the expectations in advance and must commit to them. In this way, there should never be any surprises about when something is allowed or not — they have accepted the rules! The nation/TCA baseball staff is 100% dedicated to your child`s development. We are interested in investing more than one season with each athlete and we will teach them the skills needed to continue through each level. Athletes will be able to perform any skill with consistency and confidence. Our goal is to provide young baseball players with an entertaining and safe environment in which they can play and grow in the game of baseball. We strive to place high school players in a university program that matches both their qualification level and their university level. Many of our players have moved on to college and/or professional baseball.

The baseball nation expects the best from coaches, players and parents. However, it is important to have a list of waitings written to parents. The key is not to make it threatening or confrontational – it starts the tone on the wrong foot. We have to be on one side and we have to do it together. But I understand and understand how difficult it is to be a parent. If you don`t coach, all decisions are processed. It is not easy. We, as parents (or legal guardians) and the player understand and accept that the player will dress as follows; (a) The jerseys must be cashed at all times as soon as you get out of the car and head towards the field; b) hats should be worn straight, not backwards or sideways; c) the pants should be pulled directly below the knee up or up to the shoe, but not under the shoe; (d) Players are responsible for their own uniforms, NOT THE PARENTS, so if a player misses a piece of his uniform, he will not play in that game. I understand that non-compliance with the dress code may result in the player not starting or playing in the next game. The main objective is for the whole team – players, parents and coaches – to be on the same side.