Oral Histories Continued – Johnny Doom


Many of you will recognise these dulcet tones – Johnny Doom of Kerrang! Radio speaks here in part 1 of his Oral History. In 1987, Johnny started a band called Doom – a pivotal group in the rise of Crust Punk. From the early days til now, Johnny has been in and around the Birmingham music scene – both on stage and off.

In part 1 he speaks of the discovery Sabbath and their importance on his musical tastes and influences.

“I suppose thats when I really started to appreciate how important Sabbath were to all the music I was listening to at the time. Whether it was heavy stuff, thrash, whether it was hardcore…everything is slightly indebted to Sabbath in some way. Thats kind of how I positioned them as these kind of Gods of everything that came after which is quite pertinent to what Home of Metal is doing I suppose.”

Plus anecdotes of bumping into Ozzy himself and his experiences of seeing Sabbath live. More to come in part 2 from our local Brummy legend. Be sure to check back in next week!