Oral Histories continued – Ben Dallas

“I always go back to War Pigs as the reference point for how cool a song can possibly be.”

Listen in to the concluding part of our Home of Metal Oral History with Ben Dallas. You can check out Part 1 of Ben’s chat with us HERE to give you a bit of background. In this part, Ben talks his favourite Sabbath song and describes the experience and privilege of attending The End tour.

“The Master of Reality font is just so iconic…so to see that covering the arena floor it just looked amazing…it was a bitter sweet feeling. Empty arena. No more Sabbath. And they’ve made their mark massively on the world…”

Speaking as one proud Brummie, Ben talks about the importance of culture and how he takes so much pride in saying “the coolest band in the world” grew up round the corner from where he did, supported the same football team and shared the same Brummie way.

“It’s really important for a City to have something to champion and be proud of and have a bit of culture…we should really champion the fact that we are the Home of Metal…”