Notary Marriage Agreement

… On 16.03.2016, the prosecutor took her from the legitimate guardianship of her parents, then took her to Jagdalpur and executed an affidavit before the notary and at the wedding and marriage… Section 6 of Protection of Children of Sexual Offences Act, 2012. 2nd case of the charge, in short that a report was made that the plaintiff on marriage insurance… prosecutrix has made a marriage with the applicant, which stems from the A/2 annex document, the sworn insurance as well as the application for bail and the… The main reason for entering into a marriage contract should not be to prevent the alleged adequacy of the other spouse`s obligations, since you are also not liable for your spouse`s debts, even if you have not entered into a marriage contract and are married under the legal matrimonial regime of co-ownership. The fact that a spouse is obliged to be guilty of his partner at the time of the marriage is a general lie. If no marital contract has been entered into, the couple lives in the legal matrimonial property scheme, which has the property of the increase in the assets. The couple`s assets remain strictly separated. No spouse is responsible by marriage alone, the debts of the other spouse. The importance of co-ownership in the increase in assets is therefore not visible at the time of marriage, but only at the end of the state of marital property (by divorce or death): there is then financial compensation between the spouses.

The spouse, who has obtained the higher capital gain since the marriage closes, must pay the other spouse, in accordance with the law, half of the amount whose benefit exceeded that of the other spouse. 5) If you are now pursuing the marriage, in addition to your marriage being illegal, you will find yourself in legal complications that may result in legal proceedings against you. 2) For your information, there is no marriage that takes place before a magistrate. …, Appendix 3 of the application, which was reportedly issued by a Dinesh Dass, Notary, Nalanda, Bihar (India). The marriage certificate showed that they related to… Nalanda was issued to ask for the circumstance in which the Dinesh Dass in question, who declares himself a notary and marriage officer, issued the certificate.10