Shobha Lizaso – no stereotype

We’ve added the concluding part from Shobha Lizaso’s Home of Metal Oral History to our Soundcloud page. Listen to both parts to get the full story:

In the new concluding part, hear about Shobha’s favourite Sabbath song plus her recommended choice for politician’s out there needing .
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An Evening with Tony Iommi

A wonderful evening at Birmingham Town Hall on Saturday 23rd June when Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath shared his stories and memories to a packed audience, including the origins of the sound, the band and its members and the incredible gigs.   Home of Metal volunteers .
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Mohammad Osama – from discovery to friendship

We celebrate the return of our weekly Oral History posts with the return instalment of our chat with Mohammed Osama.
In part 2, we travel on a journey- from Mohammed’s youth and discovering the band to his adult life and friendship with Geezer Butler- proving that .
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Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi returns to Birmingham Town Hall in June

Following his sell out show in 2016, the legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is returning to Birmingham Town Hall for an amazing evening, talking about his life and career.
Once again, the host of Tony’s latest Town Hall Q&A will be his friend Gary Newbon, .
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Lee Adams – the masters of his reality

“No wonder they call themselves the Masters of Reality…because that’s what they are…”
Meet Brummy through and through – Lee Adams. Life long Sabbath devotee speaking here in part 1 of his oral history with Home of Metal about the first time he went to see .
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Natasha Slater – from Oz to Oz

“he rolled his eyes and he said “why the **** would you want to get my name tattooed on you?!””
Hear the first part of our Black Sabbath oral history with Natasha Slater who grew up in a small town in Australia but upon her first .
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Home of Venues

Napalm Death 1986 at the Mermaid Pub in Birmingham – photo courtesy of Digby Pearson
(see this and other photos in our archive )
On hearing about the upcoming closure of one of Birmingham’s longstanding live rock and metal venues, ‘The Flapper’ in the City Centre, it got .
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Oral Histories continued – Ben Dallas

“I always go back to War Pigs as the reference point for how cool a song can possibly be.”
Listen in to the concluding part of our Home of Metal Oral History with Ben Dallas. You can check out Part 1 of Ben’s chat with us .
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Jaz Singh – a better Sabbath

“With me, when I left school, I was quite a lonely little child, for me Sabbath were that sound where…everything that was in my head just got released…all that anger, the depression, the frustration – Sabbath was my release point …Tony Iommi’s riffs, the power .
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Rosita Piergiorgi – a tribute to Tony

“I was in emotional shock…he was so great, so kind, it was like when you meet someone who is you’re dad or something…Tony is so magnetic…he has this fantastic aura around him”
Listen in to part 2 from lifelong Iommi fan – Rosita Piergiorgi – dedicated .
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